Becoming a Commodities Broker is simply the highest form of trade anybody anywhere in the world will have the opportunity and privilege to be involved with. Simply put it can literally overnight change your life, working contracts with a face value of anything from ten's of millions to even more dollars. This industry, the height of trade anywhere globally now worth trillions annually, is perhaps the single most largest and most lucrative, exciting and mentally demanding work you will ever do. With LearnGlobalTrade.com™ as your mentor, we can make your first steps into this truly exciting career simple, paving the way to potential financial stability and freedom. Truly an opportunity not to be missed, our structured intensive courses will introduce you to the hidden world of global trade.

  • Did you know that International Trade generates billions daily? We would love to teach you how to benefit from this industry today...
  • Did you know 0.5% of the worlds population owns 38.5% of it's wealth? That's insane! we are determined to spread that wealth equally by teaching you to trade.
  • Did you know that no special skills are needed? anybody can succeed. You simply need to apply the knowledge we teach you, so start today...

Powerful Course

Simple to learn and easy apply in the real world

Our online course has been compiled by experts who have been involved in the industry for many years and will save you the time and frustration in learning and applying the correct methods to succeed. You will not learn this material in any university or other institution anywhere, totally unique and easy to learn anyone can apply our steps and start to earn an income today.
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Earning Potential

Explore the realistic earning potential

With most people used to the standard nine-to-five salary the income earned by successful brokers is very much different to that of others. The potential and indeed the numbers involved can be phenomenal for people just coming into the industry. For the thousands of people who have been fortunate enough to be involved one can easily assume the sums are potentially life changing.
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We would love to see you change your life

Everyone has choices and you can choose to excel or to stay in your comfort zone. True success will only appear for you if you actually make those steps to achieve it and sometimes we need to step out of our comfort zone and make the changes we want to see. Your financial success is also our success so we encourage you to register today and start making that change.
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We Are Passionate About Success

Your success will make a direct impact on the economy of the country you live in, our ethos is to ensure we can help improve that economy and change lives.

We are affiliated with a number of professional brokerage houses around the world and run regular options for employment with them so your skills and success are vital to our affiliation.

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“It's good to have money and the things that money can buy, but it's good, too, to make sure you haven't lost the things that money can't buy.”

Meet Our Teachers

Prof. Richard Heneghan Retired Professor of Business
Prof. Daniel Winkowski Retired Professor of Business
We pride ourselves with our team of professional teachers and experienced traders led by our academic professors who will ensure you receive only the very best in training and development for your new career.

Our course has been developed in such a way to save you years of development ensuring you can hit the ground running, developed specifically from the ground up in easy to understand stages so even a layman can benefit from the material taught. Years of experience has been placed together in this professional course to ensure you can succeed.

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