The learning process

Becoming a Commodities Broker is simply the highest form of trade anybody, anywhere in the world will have the opportunity and privilege to be involved with. Simply put, it can literally overnight change your life, working contracts with a face value of anything from millions to even billions of dollars. This industry, now worth trillions annually, is perhaps the single most lucrative, exciting and mentally demanding work you will ever do. With™ as your mentor, we can make your first steps into this truly exciting career simple, paving the way to potential financial stability and freedom. Truly an opportunity not to be missed, our structured intensive online training course will introduce you to the hidden world of professional global physicals market.
You will learn to facilitate trades with everything from sugar, to barley, wheat, rice, corn, soya, to crude oil, and fuel, diamonds, and gold. International trade, and brokering commodities is something only select individuals and groups across the globe have access too, and this previously hidden sector is now open to you to learn. By this we mean only a select few who know the 'actual methods' and apply it on a daily basis to generate an impressive income for themselves.
Becoming an effective commodities broker / trader in this traditionally hidden sector demands not only hard work, but also industry knowledge and skills. We can offer you intensive training packages tailored for people with no previous knowledge or experience. Trained by skilled brokers, with extensive industry knowledge, you will very quickly gain the skills required to immediately begin facilitating large volume transactions from the comfort of your own home. You will naturally have questions, so feel free to contact us at any time, and one of our representatives will respond as soon as possible to help answer any questions you have.


Personal qualities and skills
To become a successful broker, you should be confident, extrovert and energetic. You must also be intuitive, quick-witted and alert. Excellent communication and negotiation skills are needed, as is the ability to do rapid calculations. The long hours and generally frantic environment mean that you must be completely dedicated to the work. You must be able to work under considerable pressure and cope with a great deal of stress. You must be totally trustworthy as there is no going back on a deal struck between two member firms. You must be discreet and have the ability to retain the confidence of clients. No formal qualifications are required, although we do expect you to have a good command of English, and have strong communication skills. The financial rewards at the end are truly incredible, however nothing will be a walk in the park, but we are confident our training course will make your path to success so much easier and efficient.
The learning process
Courses are all taught online using our unique materials developed by experts whom have extensive years of practical experience within the industry. After completion of the course, and successful passing of the proficiency test, you'll be issued our standard certificate of completion from™ to show you have the basic skills required to begin facilitating contracts and trades. The learning curve is steep, and will require you to make extensive notes in order to grasp the material but once you have mastered this, everything becomes so much easier and the natural understanding of how everything works becomes clear. The materials have been put together as mentioned by experienced traders which we know 100% will save you many years of frustration in understanding the system.
So what next?
After your training, you'll naturally be keen to get yourself started, this is where our team will show you the fastest and most practical steps needed to get you moving. Due to the round the clock nature of the industry, you'll be pleased to know that there is no set time you'll work, in-fact you choose the times most suited for you from the comfort of your own home. Additionally, we don't expect you to be fully fledged professionals immediately, hence why we have an exclusive on-going online support system for all new brokers. This support system is maintained by skilled and experienced brokers who will be there to answer any broker related questions you have. Access to support is only made available to™ students who have completed their course.

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