Understanding the process

Like every market one will find good and bad practice. If you own a new Mercedes Benz car, and anything goes wrong with the mechanics, who would you take the car for repair, a qualified certified Mercedes Benz mechanic or John's garage? (with all due respect to John's garage) The answer for many people is very clear.

This module will effectively teach you to recognise the correct processes involved within the real world of trade and the so called internet broker world. With all due respect to our internet broker friends, there is a wrong and right way to actually making money, and that does not involve 99% of the methods people seems to pick up along the way and try to implement just because they heard from their friend John.

We will teach you the standard model processes for all the core sectors you will be working with to ensure you are able to differentiate the right from the wrong, in order to save you both valuable time and money, but most importantly to ensure you make money, not simply spin your wheels for nothing.



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