Find certainty and security in an uncertain and insecure world. International Trade is the only recession proof system in the world that will thrive no matter what happens to the global economy.

Many people are unaware that international trade is the only recession proof industry

"Regardless of any global recession people will
always need to eat & survive"
Allen Windsor - CEO Avalon Trade Group
Recent global developments such as the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic outbreak has resulted in a lot of uncertainty and hysteria never before seen. Entire countries on lock down, businesses shutting down, we see a gradual slow down in national economies.

Trade will never stop, it may slow-down, but will never stop simply because people need to survive, from a basic necessity such as food, to the packaging, to clothing, medicine and other raw materials, trade facilitation will always be crucial no matter the condition of the global economy.

Agriculture Commodities

You will learn how to trade bulk raw commodities like wheat, flour, corn, rice, edible oils, soyabeans, sugar and more

Energy Markets

You will learn the foundation of how to trade energy commodities like crude oil, gas & coal needed for industry

Metals & Minerals

Learn to trade precious and non precious metals and minerals like Gold, Copper, Zinc, Iron ore and many others


Learn how to penetrate the distrubution channels and markets for Fast Moving Consumer Goods in retail markets

Learn how to benefit from International Trade

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