The Syllabus

The reality in gaining success while learning any new skill is not the material, but rather the method in which you are able to learn, digest and implement the skills you are taught, it's all about keeping it simple

Making the learning curve an easy journey with simple steps makes everything so much easier to digest

"A complex concept is easier to digest
and understand if explained by an expert"
Johnathan Kirby - Head of Energy
 Our course has been designed specially to ensure anyone at any level can easily fully grasp and understand the concepts provided. Our teachers and traders have made the material both easy to understand, digest and remember. Each of our modules come with a video accompanied with course material and other relevant documents to ensure you easily understand every aspect of the material provided.

Have a look below to see what our syllabus contains. Note that you will not find this material taught anywhere and has been exclusively developed for you our students to benefit.
There are many types of industry within the market, and each industry has it's own traits. Everything from the agricultural sector to energy markets, to FMCG and more. We will give you a broad based knowledge of what each of the sectors actually are and how to recognise the various terms within each of those industries.

For the inexperienced trader it's easy to become lost, however with module you will understand clearly how everything fits into place.
One of the interesting aspects is you'll eventually notice patterns and relationships between sectors, and this is how many experienced brokers will have a preference for specific sectors, again all based upon what they feel comfortable with. We expect you to do exactly the same as you embark on your journey into understanding the markets of international trade.

Agricultural Commodities
• Introduction to agriculture markets
• Introduction to product grades such as ICUMSA & IRRI
• Price drivers and seasonality / Storage & Distribution
• Trade associations and government control

Energy & Fuels
• Introduction to energy markets
• OPEC and Non-OPEC (primary and secondary supply)
• Crude markets
• Refined products
• Market pricing systems
• Understanding refineries and allocations
• Price drivers

Metals & Minerals
• Introduction to precious metals
• Introduction to non-ferrous metals
• Rare earth elements
• Diamonds and KPCS
• Table-Top Meetings (TTM’s)
• Price drivers

• Introduction to fast moving consumer goods
• Distribution channels
• Price ceilings
• Manufacturers
• Packaging

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